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The 1st China Makers Round-Table Forum was held successfully in Beijing.payin

The Makers Movement will bring to us more inventions or more copycats?

Has the patent system encouraged or blocked the innovations?

Should the government support or keep silent on the Maker phenomenon?

Many issues triggered warm discussions.

The 1st China Makers Round-Table Forum was successfully introduced for the first time to the 7th Chinese Inventors Forum at Zhonggong Dasha, Beijing. More than 70 people concerned about makers movement from Microsoft, China Science & Merchants, Gobi Partners Inc. (investment), Zhongguancun Industrial Investment, Tsinghua University, Beihang University,《Forbes Magazine》,《China Business Journal》,《China Business News》,《Science and Technology Daily》 as well as well-known representatives of the maker circles from Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing were attending. Among them are Pan Hao, Huang Jianye, Li Dawei, Ye Lin, Wang Shenglin, Cheng Chen, Jiang Tao,etc.

 CAI Vice President and Secretary General Mr. Lu Dahan made the opening remarks.

 Prof. Luo Laikang, President of Huizhou Inventors Association; Mr. David Li, Foreman of Shanghai《XinCheJian》Makers Space and Mr. Wang Shenglin, the Co-Founder of Beijing Makers Space were sharing their experience with the representatives.

  Mr. Pan Hao,Founder & CEO of Seeed Studio and Chaihuo Makers Space introduced his startup experiences and his opinion on the Shenzhen copycat culture and the makers movement under the title of the speech “Mo-tse, makers and copycats”. Mr. Pan is a well-known makers as he is the number 1 in China and the world top 3 of the open hardware facilitators and becomes more famous after he was on the cover story of the March issue of the《Forbes》Chinese version.

Mr. Wang Shenglin, the Co-Founder of Beijing Makers Space, is well-known for planning and organizing the first makers’ party – Makers Carnival at Beijing Millennium Monument on May 1-3, 2012.

Mr. Peter Chang , Co-Founder of Demo Hours which is the biggest crowdfunding website in China. There are more than 600 projects were approved among 7,000 applications since it is online for 2 years. The successful rate is more than 50%. The accumulated amount of successful fundraising is more than 5 million Yuan.

Founder & CEO of DFROBOT Dr. Ye Shen spoke.

At the Makers Round-Table Forum, speeches were also given by Dr. Ye Shen, Founder & CEO of DFROBOT; Mr. Jiang Tao, Founder of CSDN (China Software Development); Prof. Luo Laikang, President of Huizhou Inventors Association; Assistant Prof. Zhang Wei from Tsinghua University; Mr. Zhao Min, Director of Research Method Committee of CAI; Mr. Wu Linbo, General Manager of Beijing Haoyi Tech. Co. Ltd.; Mr. Tong Weiliang, Managing Director of Gobi Partners (investment);Mr. Xia Peng from Microsoft; and Mr Zou Dingguo, Chief Expert of CAI. The speech about training of 100 young inventors by 70-year- old Prof. Luo Laikang got warm applause. He suggested to introduce the Makers’ creative concept and tools platform into the training of the young inventors and would like to invite the makers leaders to give lectures to the kids.

Vice President of China Academy of Science and Technology for Development Mr. Guo Tiecheng made comments on the

speeches. He encouraged the makers to promote the Makers Movement in China on a higher platform by combining it with the

Chinese industrial transformation and upgradi

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