"QEOSA Creativity, Sharing the Dream and Building the Future"-- video speech delivered by leaders of China Association of Inventions at the opening of the 1st QEOSA Creativity Festival

2022-06-14 16:01

On June 1, 2022, the online launching ceremony of the first festival entitled "QEOSA Creativity, Sharing the Dream and Building the Future" hosted by the Preschool Innovation Education Branch of (CAI), was held successfully to celebrate the International Children’s Day,the most delighted and significant festival for kids. Attending the ceremony online were Yu Huarong, CAI Executive Vice President and Secretary General; Zhou Yuan, former Deputy Director of the Administrative Center of China’s Agenda 21 and Vice President of Innovation Methods Society; Li Qimin, former Executive Deputy Director of the Office of the Working Committee for Women and Children of the State Council and Deputy Secretary General of the China National Committee on Care for Children; Zhang Zhilu, children's writer, science fiction writer, former Deputy Director of  Children's Literature Committee of the Chinese Writers Association, the nominee of the international Andersen prize and the gold medal winner of Cairo International Children's Film Festival; Prof. Cheng Huai, the expert of the CAI Advisory Committee of Academicians and Experts and the President of the Preschool Innovation Education Branch, as well as the PIEB vice presidents and executive directors and representatives of institution members, children and parents from all over the country to jointly open the the 1st QEOSA Creativity Festival. More than 5000 people participated in the event on Tencent platform and other live platforms.

Online Opening Ceremony

Video address delivered by Yu Huarong, CAI SG

"2049 plan - Children’s Dream Fulfillment Program" is a public welfare project jointly sponsored by CAI, Innovation Method Society and other institutions, holding high the banner of "Cultivating Innovative Talents for the Centenary of the People’s Republic". "QEOSA Creativity" is an important starting point and component of "2049 plan - Children’s Dream Fulfillment Program". CAI attaches great importance to the QEOSA creative activities. Yu Huarong delivered a speech. He said building a strong country of science and technology ultimately depended on innovative talents. CAI has persistently implemented the strategic measure of cultivating innovative talents from children. In recent years, the children's innovative invention method "QEOSA" has been well applied. CAI encourages and supports the promotion and creative activities of QEOSA.

QEOSA: question(Q)-exploration(E)-optimization(O)-show(S)- action(A)


Prof. Cheng Huai pointed out the core goal of QEOSA innovation education is to make children become "creative problem-solvers" based on strengthening morality.